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Sunday, June 5th, 2011
1:14 pm
!Comandante Ramona, presente!

!Comandante Ramona, presente! !Comandante Ramona, presente!

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Friday, May 20th, 2011
10:33 pm
The Zapatista March and the Drug War in Mexico
Written by Emma Volonté, Translation by Alex Cachinero-Gorman

Friday, 20 May 2011 19:26

"On the morning of May 7, CIDECI-University de la Tierra of San Cristóbal de Las Casa (Chiapas) was filled with people. The palpable excitement in the air settled to a lull as they began to organize themselves in an orderly fashion: in the front, the EZLN Command and support base, faces covered with balaclavas or paliacates [traditional Mexican scarves]. In the back, communities taking part in the Other Campaign, collectives, human rights organizations, internationalists. Without any slogans or chants, they have been marching in silence towards the center of the city: their banners and placarads alone crying out, 'No more blood on Mexican soil', 'Stop Calderón's war', 'We've had it'."

Taken from: http://upsidedownworld.org/main/mexico-archives-79/3042-the-zapatista-march-and-the-drug-war-in-mexico.
Thursday, May 5th, 2011
10:43 pm
'Sustainable Rural Cities', a Nightmare Come True in Chiapas
"...The construction of Santiago El Pinar, the second SRC, clearly unveils another facet of the project: that of a counterinsurgency strategy devised by the Chiapas government against the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN). Located very close to the Zapatista autonomous municipalities of San Juan de la Libertad and San Andrés Sakamch'en, the ‘city’ breaks down the traditional ways of life, and forces people to enter the capitalist mode of production of small businesses oriented towards the external market. Clearly, the Sustainable Rural City is a challenge to the Zapatista caracoles, who have built true autonomous systems of health, education and production. It seems that the government forgets that it is dealing with the same people who took up arms in January 1994, a dignified people and one increasingly more aware."

Taken from: http://upsidedownworld.org/main/mexico-archives-79/3023-sustainable-rural-cities-a-nightmare-come-true-in-chiapas.
Tuesday, April 12th, 2011
12:36 pm
On the Continued Centrality of the Zapatista Movement After 14 Years
Hey everyone-I was wondering if anybody checks this message board anymore, and if yes, if people would be into having an online discussion about this article, "On the Continued Centrality of the Zapatista Movement After 14 Years" By Feliz Año Cabrones:

Thursday, March 31st, 2011
10:18 pm
Indigenous Zapatista Supporters “Held Hostage” in Chiapas for Opposing Ecotourism Project
"This past February 3, approximately 300 state police raided a meeting of indigenous Zapatista supporters in San Sebastian Bachajón, Chiapas, and arrested 117 people. The arrests sparked protests across Mexico and in front of Mexican consulates around the world, leading the Chiapas government to release the majority of the prisoners. However, five Tzeltal indigenous men, who are now known as the “Bachajón 5,” remain behind bars. One is accused of murder, another is accused of attempted murder, and all five are accused of crimes against the peace."

Taken from: http://upsidedownworld.org/main/mexico-archives-79/2976-indigenous-zapatista-supporters-held-hostage-in-chiapas-for-opposing-ecotourism-project.

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Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
6:55 pm
This friday 99th Aniversary of the Mexican Revolution
This friday 99th Aniversary of the Mexican Revolution

Chicagotra (http://chicagotra.org/) Invites you to come & Join us to
celebrate the 99th Anniversary of the

Mexican Revolution of 1910!

Where: Lichen Autonomous Archive

Lichen is at 1921 S. Blue Island (near Benito Juarez H.S.)

When: Friday November 20, 2009

Time: 7:00pm till 10:00pm

Somewhere between a myth & reality is the belief and wish that Zapata
would return in 2010. 100 years since the Mexican Revolution.

Given the deep crisis and suffering of the majority of people in Mexico is
hard to dismiss the need for such an event.

The crisis is certainly not a myth. Economic, Political, Social (Narco /
Kidnapping), Ecological, etc, crisis are deepening everyday with not a
single hint of better times.

The conditions are here but, are we ready for Zapata’s return?

Activists of La Otra Campaña (here, in Mexico and elsewhere arround the
world), believe we need to get ready anyway!
This Friday we will discuss emerging movements, here, in Mexico, and will
touch on recent ones in Honduras and Puerto Rico!

Amo la Libertad de las Américas más que mi gloria propia; y para
conseguirla no ahorrare sacrificios

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Thursday, November 5th, 2009
6:53 pm
APOC MKE SUMMIT 11/14 – 11/15 2009
Anarchist People of Color, http://www.illvox.org

smack a white boy round three this ones for sylvia

APOC MKE SUMMIT 11/14 – 11/15 2009

APOCistas of the Midwest (and beyond) COME AND REPRESENT!
It’s going down in the Mil NOVEMBER 14TH AND 15TH 2009!
APOC MKE is happy to host its first summit on the lovely Northside of Milwaukee. There are some things ya’ll should know about Mil-Town.
45% of the African-American population lives at or below the national poverty line – most of these homes are spearheaded by single mothers.
57% of African American males are unemployed/undereducated.
Every 1 in 3 Black males under the age of 25 is incarcerated.
We may be a small city, but we got a lot of problems to solve. It’s about time we organize and let our black and brown siblings know that there is a possibility of REAL CHANGE.
Here’s a taste of what will be going down:

Skill Shares (tentative)
Using Hip-Hop to inspire Community Activism
Mini zines and DIY Publications
Organizing a Neighborhood Cop Watch
Sign Language Skill share
Fundraising Skill Share
Building the Midwest APOC Network

Auxiliaries (tentative)
Cisgender Auxiliary
Male Privilege Auxiliary
Able-Bodied Auxiliary
Light –skinned/Passing Auxiliary
Heterosexual Privilege Auxiliary

Caucuses (tentative)
Youth Caucus
Womyn’s Caucus
Gender Queer/Trans Caucus
Sex worker’s Caucus
Poor Folks Caucus
Interested? Shoot us an e-mail at novapocsummitmke@yahoo.com for more details, reservations, and summit site info.
Housing and (vegan) food will be provided.
Hope to see ya’ll soon.
All attendees of the summit held in Milwaukee, WI must adhere to and respect the Revolutionary Principles of Unity.
*Revolutionary Principles of Unity*

1. We call for a social revolution to erect an entire new society.

2. We want decent housing, food, clothing and other essentials for all, not just the rich.

3. We oppose all forms of colonialism and imperialism in the Third and
Fourth Worlds and support the struggles of all oppressed peoples in the West.

4. We oppose nation-state wars and the building of a fascist police state
based on hysteria over “terrorism.”

5. We oppose any form of white supremacy, white cultural chauvinism,
whiteness or internalized racism in the Anarchist movement, and call for
unity and recognition of our right to autonomy.

6. We strive and fight to dismantle, deconstruct and unlearn (in no
particular order but all at once) white supremacy, patriarchy, ableism,
heterosexism, speciesism, transphobia, queerphobia, environmental racism,
ageism, classism, authoritarianism, the State and all forms of oppression.

7. We oppose the oppression of wimmin/women, queers, transfolk, two spirit
people, youth, genderqueers, differently able-bodied people, people with
mental health complexities, animals and all that are oppressed.

8. We oppose any forms of capitalism and class oppression and support the
liberation of the poor and the workers.

9. We call for an immediate moratorium of the death penalty and the
dismantling of the prison industrial complex.

10. We demand an immediate end to all violence against all wimmin/women
(sexual, domestic or otherwise). We fully support survivors’ (of sexual
assault and rape) autonomy. We demand all perpetrators adhere and cooperate
to the fullest extent the procedures and demands of the survivors and the

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Friday, October 30th, 2009
11:13 am
Human Rights Center
News from Chiapas in both Spanish and English: http://www.frayba.org.mx/index.php?hl=en.

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11:04 am
Friday, October 23rd, 2009
11:34 am
Homage to Chiapas
Homage to Chiapas: The New Indigenous Struggles in Mexico Homage to Chiapas: The New Indigenous Struggles in Mexico by Bill Weinberg

I just put this book on hold at the library and was wondering what other people on here had to write about it, and to see if anyone else interested in reading it might want to have an online discussion about it.

View all my reviews >>

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Friday, October 9th, 2009
3:30 pm
Movies of Rebellion towards 2010/Cine de Rebelion hacia el 2010
Last night I saw "Zapata's Garden" by the Chiapas Media Project, about the Zapatista village Emiliano Zapata's collective gardening. It was part of a series of weekly film screenings in Pilsen, Chicago, and here's the info for next weeks:

Movies of Rebellion towards 2010/Cine de Rebelion hacia el 2010

When: Thu, October 15, 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Where: Movies of Rebellion towards 2010/Cine de Rebelion hacia el 2010

Description: Movies of Rebellion towards 2010/Cine de Rebelion hacia el 2010 movies about contemporary latin american struggles/peliculas sobre las luchas contemporaneas de latinoamerica Colectivo Autonomo Sin Fronteras Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 7:00pm Lichen Lending Library/Biblioteca Autonoma Lichen, 1921 S. Blue Island, Chicago, IL a series of independent films about latin america una serie de peliculas independientes sobre latinoamerica every Thursday starting September 24th cada Jueves empezando el Septiembre 24 the year 2010 marks the centennial anniversary of the mexican revolution - a controversial and much criticized uprising that has been thoroughly co-opted by neoliberal technocrats of the capitalist party system. however, new forms of social organization, autonomy, self-management and insurrection seem poised to shake these institutions and their diseased siblings throughout latin america. in many struggles throughout mexico, 2010 has become a symbol for future social rupture and has been embraced as an enigma with which to contest and reinvent the past. join us as we navigate the realities of these struggles through the medium of film as the landmark year approaches.

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Saturday, July 18th, 2009
10:24 pm
"Wobblies & Zapatistas"
I haven't read "Wobblies & Zapatistas" yet, but I had been in the IWW and considered it an avenue for implementing Zapatismo in the First World as I'd written on here under socialistpoet in '04. Here's a review of the book: http://upsidedownworld.org/main/content/view/1990/1/.

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Wednesday, June 17th, 2009
9:01 am
"On Radical-Leftist Strategy: Propositions for Discussion"
A comrade of mine sent me an e-mail which he was posting to the anarchist_chicagodiscussion list serve, about the article "On Radical-Leftist Strategy: Propositions for Discussion" by Alonso Alcazar:

In point four he wrote "We walk forward, asking questions, as the Zapatistas appealingly put it." I thought this was really right one, and I've taken some other notes on the article. I'd like to read what people on here think of it. For starters, here's part of my reply to the e-mail:

I think it's very First World centric to write "the vanguard parties
are gone," but being in the First World, I guess it's a moot point. I
think events right now in Iran are showing how a Party based
initiative can spin out of control, and challange the system. In our
country, I think of how the IWW was largely initiated by SP and SLP
cadre; or how Pres. Lincoln wasn't even an abolitionist, and worse yet
was an admitted white supremacist, BUT, the IWW and the the abolition
of chattle slavery have been two great movements in the USA that have
come at least largely out of political parties.

Alcanzar goes on to write in point 2: "we are also a vanguard, like
it or not." I've contemplated this much myself over the years.
Personally, I'd like to think of the Radical Left (IWW, Infoshop
Movement, non-Lenninist Marxists, etc.) in the USA as being a vanguard
that leads be example instead of coersion. By my recent joining of
the Workers' International Industrial Union (WIIU), I hope to
participate in the building of an economic organization that will
replace capitalist relations of all sorts, by forming the new society,
yet using a political organization, formed AD HOC to facilitate the
transition to Democratic Socialism. This is the Marxist-De Leonist
program, as many of you may remember from the years I was a member of
the SLP.

Alcanzar also writes in point 2: "What follows is a plea that this
project be organized, that the movements acknowledge the strategic
deficit as a problem and develop durable structures to recover
strategic focus and intelligence." I think this is really important.
When I was in the SLP I had though Michael Albert's Participatory
Economics (ParEcon) program could help modernize the SLP's old school
Socialist Industrial Unionism, and there was plenty of precedence for
thinking consumer and community unions could and should share power
with labor unions.

I met three different dead ends in this attempt in the Party, with
local sections in PDX and Chi, and the list serve for National Members
At Large, which I was techinically.

I can go on and on, but I'll limit myself to this unless I see some
replies! Please let me know if I could share what you think with

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Friday, May 8th, 2009
1:58 pm
The Other Campaign NY Shuts Down Mexican Conculate
"On the third anniversary of state repression against the people of Atenco, the Mexican Consulate in New York was 'taken over' by the pro-zapatista group Movement for Justice in El Barrio."

Taken from: http://illvox.org/2009/05/07/the-other-campaign-ny-shuts-down-mexican-consulate-while-demanding-freedom-for-atenco-prisoners/.

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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
10:13 am
"Unbounded Publics: Transgressive Public Spheres, Zapatismo, and Political Theory"
Sunday I attended a workshop on the Zapatistas and public space at the Anarchist Finding Our Roots Conference in Chicago, Illinois. Unfortunately everyone there seemed to have only read about them, as opposed to working with them like many of my comrades have, but it was still a lively and worth while discussion.  It was presented by the author of "Unbounded Publics:  Transgressive Public Spheres, Zapatismo, and Political Theory," Richard Gilman-Opalsky.

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Thursday, April 16th, 2009
10:29 am
Enduring Lessons from the Zapatistas
There will be a workshop at the Anarchist Finding Our Roots Conference, in Chicago, IL called "The Seizure of Space and the Public Sphere: Enduring Lessons from the Zapatistas." This particular workshop will be Sunday 4-26, from 11AM-12:15PM.

For more information please check out: http://mayfirst.wordpress.com/.

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Wednesday, April 15th, 2009
11:44 am
International Day of Peasant's Struggle
At 11 A.M. on Friday, April 17, farmers from the National Family Farm Coalition who belong to the worldwide small-farmer coaltion, La Via Campesina and their allies and supporters converge on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to protest the violations of the rights of peasants and agricultural workers and to call for regulation of commodities speculation that is driving the current global food crisis and threatening the livelihoods of small-scale farmers everywhere.

Invite your friends. Call the media, Write stories about this event.

For more information about La Via Campesina and other events taking place on International Day of Peasant's Struggle, April 17

To learn more about the impact of commodities speculation and possible solutions:
http://www.foodfirst.org/en/node/2402 and http://www.foodfirst.org/en/node/2392

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Wednesday, April 1st, 2009
9:14 pm
March 2009, Vol. 14, No. 3:

The thousands of women activists in or supporters of the Zapatista
Army of National Liberation (EZLN) celebrated International Women's
Day, dedicated to the women who had fallen in the struggle, who had
been disappeared, jailed or assassinated "by the bad government."

Comandantas Hortencia, Rosalinda and Florinda spoke in Spanish and
Tzotzil, a Mayan language to assembled women, telling them, "It is
time to break the chains. Time to break the silence and to say enough
is enough. We are through being treated as inferior to men. It is time
to act by taking our rights in our own hands. It is time to begin

"More than half of the people in the world are women--that half needs
to rebel," said one of the female commanders.  "We have no hope that
the bad government is going to change the situation of our peoples.
The powerful are just waiting to do away with us, as they did at
Acteal, Unión Progreso, Oaxaca, Atenco and Guerrero," said one of the
women commanders, referring to scenes of recent massacres or other
atrocities by the government or its allies.

The women leaders made a special appeal to young women to join the
Zapatista movement. They called upon all of the women to think about
the future of their daughters.

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9:04 pm
Gender-based Violence

Taken from an e-newsletter:

"Two contributors to CASA newsletters, Juliana Morris and Katharina Kempf have written articles on women's rights and challenges to achieving them in Oaxaca.  Read Juliana's reflections on the plights of central American women migrating via Mexico
and Katharina's article on a local initiative to include men in efforts to eradicate violence against women."

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9:01 pm
Mexico Indígena Project Receives Funding from U.S. Military

From an e-newsletter:

"A debate revolving around the ethics of a so-called community mapping project in the mountains of the Sierra Juarez in Oaxaca has exploded recently on an international level.  The study known as México Indígena received funding through the US military, yet did not disclose its funding sources, or the implications of how information gathered by researchers could be used in the future.  We are reposting two comprehensive articles that provide excellent background and analysis. 'The Demarest Factor: The Ethics of U.S. Department of Defense Funding for Academic Research in Mexico' by Simon Sedillo
and, in this month’s issue of Z Magazine, 'U.S. Military Funded Mapping Project in Oaxaca: Geographers used to gather intelligence?' by Cyril Mychalejko and Ramor Ryan. 

"In February, CASA collective member Mandy Skinner attended a forum and festival organized by UNOSJO (the Union of Organizations of the Sierra Juarez of Oaxaca), which has publicly denounced the mapping project.  A photo essay with her reflections is posted here."

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